Purchasing Digital Multi Packs


Please find below a breakdown of the steps required to order Digital Multi Packs. I hope this information makes sense but please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

To purchase a Digital Multi Pack/Packs please follow the instructions below:

Please click on one of your shots and click “ADD TO CART”



Once the menu above appears click on the “Digital Multi Pack” or “Two Or More Digital Multi Packs” option and follow the instructions on screen. The rest of the transaction will continue as normal and once your PayPal payment has been made I will receive confirmation of your purchase. When buying “Two Or More Digital Multi Packs” you just need to complete this two or however many times are appropriate for the number of packs you require. I will then use this as reference and locate all of your images from the event using your race number or identity of the individual shown or in the case of multiple packs numbers/identities and forward them to you via your supplied e-mail address(s). This will be done within a maximum of 48 hours after the sale has gone through but if I’m not out on location it will be done as quickly as possible.

Please note that this offer can only include images of one competitor per multi pack as they will be selected using the race number/identity from the picture selected. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions